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#1 From the first “Hello” to the “Thank you for your business”, we want you to experience a comfortable and stress free transfer/sale.



  1. We reserve the right to decline service to anyone who does not follow guidelines and policies either on the phone, via e-mail, or in person. If this happens, we will not initiate the transaction, allow the transaction to proceed and/or return the firearm to the sender.

  2. All communication is the responsibility of the buyer, not MDRF; and must be in writing in either TXT or email.


  1. If you put a Deposit on an item, the remaining balance is due within 90 days or the money will then become the legal property of the store without compensation


No Show

  1. If you make an appointment for a transfer, and No Show w/o 24 hour notice, you will be charged a $20 Fee



  1. No Gun sales to Non-Missouri Residents

  2. No Handgun sales to anyone residing outside the state of Missouri or under the age of 21

  3. Long gun sales to Missouri residents under the age of 21 will require a valid Missouri DL and will be subject to the extended 10-day Federal background check Delay period

  4. No gun sales without a Valid Missouri Driver’s License or a Valid Missouri State ID

Shooting Targets
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