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Transfer Policy

  • We charge $30 for Transfers and an additional $10 for every firearm added to a single 4473

  • If you are a NON-U.S. CITIZEN, we will not be able to transfer any weapon to you NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • We allow our transferees one (1) WEEK to pick up their transfers after receiving notice from us that it's ready for pick up. Any additional time will require prior store consent and/or storage fees of $25 per week.

    • Any items left beyond one month without proper communication/approval, will be designated abandoned and become legal property of the store without compensation to transferee.

  • The FFL Transfer fee is due before the submission of the background check. The fee is due even if the background check is put on "DELAYED" or "DENIED” status by the ATF/FBI.

  • If the background check comes back "DENIED" anytime during the process, the transferee is still responsible for the transfer fee and the cost of returning the firearm to the seller. We charge a handling fee of $30 + Shipping.

    • If there is no resolution for the return of a firearm the item will then become the legal property of the store without compensation to the transferee after 30 days

  • We reserve the right to deny any transaction if we suspect a Straw Purchase

  • We will not transfer a firearm to anyone except the individual listed on the invoice in the box

    • We will not accept, “it is her gun, but I charged it on my card.”

  • We will not transfer a firearm to anyone we judge to be under the influence.

    • This includes smelling strongly of marijuana

  • If there is any indication that the transfer is on behalf of another person we will stop the transaction and send the firearm back to the dealer



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